TechTest Jr.

Seventh and Eighth graders and Fifth and Six grader in 2017 compete for a prize and bragging rights in a local mathematics and science examination.




The 2017 Winners:

Overall 5th/6th:

  • 1st: Alexa Lattyak (Union Hill)

  • 2nd: Ben Brott (Seven Hills)

  • 3rd: Logan Connors (Union Hill)

Overall 7th/8th:

  • Evelyn Grandfield (7-Hills)

  • Cade Torgerson (Magnolia)

  • Jake VanBourgondien (Magnolia)

The Test with answers can be down loaded HERE.

The 2016 Winners:

•  1st: Joelle Lindbloom ( Weimar Middle School)
•  2nd: Jacob Knox (Magnolia Middle School)
•  3rd: Alex Zetterberg (Grass Valley Charter)
•  4th: Madeline Cramer (Weimar Middle School)
•  5th: Evelyn Grandfield (Seven Hills )

Honorable Mention:
•  Grace Billingsley (Mount St. Mary’s)
•  Taryn Ryan (Weimar Middle School)
•  Alex McKenzie (Seven Hills)
•  Ivy Brott (Mount St. Mary’s)
•  Ali McDaniel (Mount St. Mary’s)

The TechTestJr 2016 Merit Scholarship Exam with Answer Key is HERE:TechTest Jr – 2016 – with answer key

The 2015 Winners:

  • 1st: Linn Tjornhom (Weimar Middle School)
  • 2nd: Kelly Muir (Grass Valley Charter)
  • 3rd: Connor Ryan (Weimar Middle School)
  • Honorable Mention: Calder Wilson (Magnolia Middle School)
  • Honorable Mention: Brooke Gianopulos (Weimar Middle School)
  • Honorable Mention: Grace Billingsley (Mount St Mary Academy)
  • Honorable Mention: Julia Kringle (Magnolia Middle School

This year Magnolia won the participation prize again.

The TechTestJr 2015 Merit Scholarship Exam with Answer Key is HERE: TechTest Jr – 2015 – with answer key

The 2014 Winners:

  • 1st: Ryan Brott (Seven Hills)
  • 2nd: Gracie Suenram (Gilmore)
  • 3rd: Nikolas Matiska (Magnolia)
  • Honorable Mention: Duncan Hendrickson (Gilmore)
  • Honorable Mention: Hunter Prince (Magnolia)
  • Honorable mention: Sierra Raskie Jeska (Seven Hills)
  • Honorable Mention: Ocean Tober (Magnolia)

The TechTestJr 2014  Merit Scholarship Exam with Answer Key  is  HERE:TechTest Jr – 2014 with answer key

Photos of the Prizes:

2013 Tech Test Jr Results

Top three  schools, note the tie

Schools rankedSchools Ranking

Schools by Student

2012 TechTest Jr. Results

Rank By School

Article in the Union on TechTestJr Results:

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