SESF — High School Merit Scholarship Program

TechTest is supported by SESF Board members, community members at large (including donors from out of state), and for-profit businesses. Every penny contributed by donors goes toward the scholarships. SESF is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.


Attending high school award night in 2005  SESF Board Members recognized that none were focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).It appeared that the vast majority of scholarships were earned in the areas of athletics and the arts. Shortly after that insightful evening SESF decided to launch a merit-based math/science exam to help promote technical careers and technical education. In the interest of promoting math/science education previous TechTests have been available on this website. Historically, the winners names are not made public until the Nevada Joint Union High School District’s scholarship night. However, the student accomplishment are the focus of the “TechTest Survivor Breakfast” were Board Members learn about the students goals and the Universities they have selected to pursue their STEM education.

TechTest Goals

Since 2007, TechTest has been the flagship component of SESF’s merit scholarship program. With a recommendation of their math or science teacher, the test is open to all of the county  high school seniors and juniors who plan to embark on a technology based career after college. Only seniors receive cash scholarships; juniors are invited to take the test for practice.
The test is a grueling four-hour math/science exam given in the spring each year. It is a lower division university level examination administered by the TechTest Academic Committee comprised of teachers in the Nevada County high schools and chaired by  Barbara Ross, Nevada Union High School Scholarship Coordinator. SESF participation is limited to writing the exam, conducting pre-test seminars each spring, and awarding scholarship checks to the winners. The TT Academic Committee administers and grades all tests, and posts the results. Winners are determined solely by their test scores.

 Tech Test Solutions

To help students prepare for future scholarship exams, solutions to past tests are provided below:

A copy of the 2017 Tech Test Solution Key can be found HERE: TT2017TestCopy_v170317

A copy of the 2016 TechTest Solution Key can be found HERE: TT2016solutionKey_v160416

A copy of the TechTest 2015 Solution Key can be found HERE: tt2015solutionkey_sesf-v150211a

A copy of the 2014 TechTest, with the solutions, can be found here: TT2014solutionKey_SESF-v140308

A copy of TechTest2014 without solutions can be found here: TT2014TestCopy_SESF-v140308

A copy of the 2013 TechTest, with the solutions, can be found here: TT2013solutionKey_SESF

A copy of the 2012 TechTest, with the solutions, can be found here: TT2012solutionKey_SESF.

A copy of the 2011 TechTest, with the solutions, can be found here.

A copy of TechTest2010, with the solutions, can be found here.

The solutions to TestTech2009 can be found here.

The solutions to TestTech2008 can be found here

The solutions to TestTech2007 can be found here.

TestTest Scholarship Winners:

The 2007 winning recipients:
Jonathon Hyland (NUHS) $3,000.00
Christine Rice (NUHS) $1,500.00
Kevin Palmer (Truckee HS) $ 500.00

The 2008 winning recipients:
Andrew Pado (Truckee) – $6,000
Collin Rutherford (NU) – $4,000
Philip Jackson (NU) – $2,000
Alex Miyakawa (NU) –  $300
Trung An (NU) –  $300
Chris Greiner (NU) – $300
Sophia Heick (NU) – $300
Napala Pratini (NU) – $300
Dan Rodriguez (NU) – $300
Ben Wood (NU) – $300
Kayla Peterson (Truckee) – $300
Dan Platner (NU) – $300

The 2009 winning recipients:
Greg McClellan (NU) – $6,000
Daniel Price (Bear River) – $4,000
Tejasi Patel (NU) – $2,000
Chris Convis (NU) – $300
Dustin Schmidt (NU) – $300
Danny Smith (NU) – $300
Trevor Foster (NU) – $300
Jesse Triplet (NU) – $300
Allee Macroire (Truckee) – $300
Corina Harvey (Truckee) – $300
Flynn Rice ( Truckee) – $300
Daniel Brown (Truckee) – $300

The 2010 winning recipients:
Scott Valentine (NU) – $6,500
John SekerK (NU) – $4,400
Robert Correll (NU) – $2,100
Kendal Butterfield (NU) – $300
Juan Espinosa (NU) – $300
K J Odgers (NU) – $300
Darkin Tanner (NU) – $300
Robbie Heck (Truckee) – $300
Bret Russon (Truckee) – $300

The 2011 winning recipients:

Daniel Goodnow (NU) – $6,500
Reilly Raab (Bear River) – $4,400
CJ Gillespie (NU) – $2,100
Eric Green (NU) – $300
Nick Clyde (NU) – $300
Jake Lerner (NU) – $300
Jade Won Golder (NU) – $300
Teresa Conley (NU) – $300
Trevor Gandell (NU) – $300
Trey Herbert (NU) – $300
Cody Keogh (NU) – $300
Jordan Riley (NU) – $300

The 2012 winning recipients:

Ben Martin (BR)- $3,000
Domini Castro-Wehr(NU) – $2,000
Parker Scanlon (NU)- $1,000

The 2013 Winning Recipients

Robert Sekerak (NU) $6,000
Adam Seifert (NU) $4,000
Kevin Goodnow (NU) $2,000

Devon Fischer (NU) $250
Tyler Greebe (NU) $250
Michell Raab (BR) $250
Ben Lener (NU) $250
Zane Weinberger (NU) $250
Yara Pasner (NU) $250
Michael Sekerak (NU) $250
Bert Heinzelman (NU) $250

The 2014 Winning Recipients

  • David Bernadett (NU) $6,000
    Lars Montagnaro (NU) $4,000
    Patrick Wells (NU) $2,000
  • Grant Clove (NU) $300
    Sean Anderson (NU) $300
    Alex Vobiril (NU) $300

The 2015 Winning Recipients

  • Casper Hendrickson (NU) $6,000
  • Aaron Ven Doren (NU) $4,000
  • Ryan Crenshaw (NU) $2,000
  • Toby Thaomas-Rose (NU) $200
  • Paul Saiyo (NU) $200
  • Ethan Goode (NU) $200
  • Cody Capella (NU) $200
  • Ben Beltran (NU) $200
  • Nicole Neisen $200

The 2016 Winning Recipients

  • Ryan Bernadett (NU) $6,000.00
  • Teddy Hill-Wold (NU) $4,000.00
  • Joe Fenner (NU) $2,000.00

Runners Up in 2016

  • Laurel Evans (NU) $300.00
  • Madeline Evans (NU) $300.00
  • Raina Garfinkel (NU) $300.00
  • Colby Scanlon (NU) $300.00
  • Violet Daniels (NU) $300.00
  • Charlotte Coffin (GECHS) $300.00
  • Jessica Dent (NU) $300.00
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