TechTest2015 Survivors Breakfast

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Students and Parents waiting for the Survivors Breakfast to be served. Photo by Ellen Steele

George Rebane, SESF Director of Research, who writes the TechTest has some thoughts on the Survivors Breakfast HERE.

Below are some proud parent of Ryan Brott. Ryan who took the test as a Freshman and made the second highest score. Since he was not a Senior, Ryan was not eligible for a scholarship grant this year.  However, we expect him to be setting the bar every year until he is a Senior.


Ryan Brott with is parents. Photo by Ellen Steele

The 4th Annual TechTest Jr. Math/Science Competition

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SESF TechTestJr_4thAnn

Download the flyer here: TechTest Jr Flyer – 2015

Please share the flier with friends and family.

TechTest2015 Test Date Announced

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TechTest2015 will be held on Saturday 11 April 2015 at Nevada Union High School.  Contact Science teacher John McDaniel for details. John McDaniel <>

SESF Supports High School Fusion Energy Research Project

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Russ Steele and Sasha Cohen in NU Science Class Room

Russ Steele and Sasha Cohen in NU Science Class Room

In John McDaniel’s Nevada Union Science classroom, on 12 February 2015, SESF Executive Director Russell Steele presented a check to Sasha Cohen for $750.00, as approved by the SESF Board of Directors.  See the attached press release for more details. Sasha’s webpage can be found HERE.  Press Release SESF Grant to Sasha Cohen

ERC Economic Summit Feedback

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The Sierra Economics and Science Foundation was pleased to support the ERC 2nd Annual Economic Development Summit. Four of our board Members attended the main event, George Rebane, Fred Buhler, Gil Mathew, Russ Steele and Barry Pruett represented the Board at the round table dinner. We had consolidate our comments, thoughts and recommendation on George Rebane’s blog, Rebane’s Ruminations  to encourage public feedback. The URL link is HERE.

The Board’s Comments on the ERC Economic Development Summit can also be found in a PDF HERE: ERC ED Summit Comments by SESF Board

TechTest2015 Student Seminar Dates

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SESF is sponsoring TechTest2015 Seminars on the 7th of Feb and the 14th of Mar from 10-12 in the NU Science Theater. The two seminars will be similar, but not a repeat. Many students choose to attend both seminars.  George Rebane PhD, is our Director of Research, and he will present information on how best to approach TechTest.  Past participants have found these seminars helpful in approaching all tests, not just TechTest.

The date for TechTest2015 has not been set yet. When it is, the information will be posted on this blog page.

SESF is Supporting the ERC’s 2015 Annual Regional Economic Development Summit

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Winning the Jobs War: The Sierra Foothills Roadmap of success.”

The Keynote speaker will be Joel Kotkin, who wrote an article in Forbes calling out the top 15 communities for job creation. Attendees will learn why he chose these communities.


The Nevada County Economic Resource Council’s Annual Regional Economic Development Summit brings together CEOs, technology executives, community leaders, government officials, and business owners from across the Sierra Foothills region to explore this year’s topic: “Winning the Jobs War:  The Sierra Foothills Road map for Success”

Why?  Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup since 1988 and author of the book “The Coming Jobs War” said in a recent interview:  “Gallup has discovered that having a good job is now the great global dream; it’s the number one social value for everyone…a good job is more important than having a family, more compelling than democracy and freedom, religion, peace and so on.  Those are all very important but they are now subordinate to the almighty good job…Stimulating job growth is the new currency of all leaders because if you don’t deliver on it you will experience instability, brain drain, sometimes revolution – all of the worst outcomes of failed leadership.”

Like many other cities and counties across the U.S., in the Sierra Foothills region discussion among government officials, community leaders, media representatives, and businesses about economic development and job creation has become an increasingly important topic of conversation.

A number of small to medium sized communities across the U.S. are poised for success.  They represent “the major leagues”.  Our Summit Keynote Speaker Joel Kotkin recently published a feature story in Forbes Magazine highlighting the Top 15.  In his keynote presentation you will learn why he called out these communities.  Immediately after a panel of leaders representing some of the most notable success stories – Asheville, Austin, Boulder and Bend — will share steps taken by local business, civic and education leaders that are helping them “win the jobs war”.

ERC Phone: 530-274-8455

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