Welcome to TechTest Jr. 2014 E-mail

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If you are receiving this email, it is because you are registered for the 3rd annual TechTest Jr. Exam. The exam is scheduled for this Saturday, May 31st. The details are included below. Please respond and confirm your attendance.

Thank you for participating in this year’s TechTest Jr. competition and representing your school.

This year’s exam consists of 38 questions plus a tie-breaker question. The questions include math (Algebra and Geometry) and science topics typically covered in your middle school classes. All questions are multiple-choice. Participants will not be allowed to bring in any paper or pencils with them. Pencils and scratch paper will be provided. If additional paper or pencils are required, they will be provided. Calculators may be used, but if they have a memory, the memory must be completely erased prior to the test (the proctors will assist with this). Phones or any other electronic devices will not be allowed in the testing area. Students will have approximately two hours to complete the exam. Only participants will be allowed in the test area during the exam.

The exam is being held in the Science Lecture Hall at Nevada Union High School in Grass Valley. A map to the Nevada Union campus and to the Science Lecture Hall is attached. Please allow plenty of time to get to the Science Hall. The schedule is as follows:

10:00am: Arrival/check-in (You will receive your t-shirt when you check in)
10:30am: Introductions
10:45am: Exam begins
1:00pm: Exam ends
1:30pm-2:00pm: Awards Presentation (go to https://sesfoundation.org/ to view some of the prizes available)

John McDaniel, the Nevada Union Physics teacher and coordinator of the NU STEM Summer Science Camps, will be on site to provide tours of the NU science labs for any interested students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


Dave Pistone
Sierra Economics and Science Foundation

TestTest 2014 Results Posted

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Friday the 23rd was the TechTest2014 Survivors breakfast, where the Board of Directors broke tradition and announced the winners and awarded the scholarship that they had earned.  The results are posted under the TechTest navigation tab above.

TechTest2014 questions and answers are also posted under the TechTest Navigation Tab.

To provide a place for feedback from the Survivors,  we have created a Survivors Tab above.  We encourage all Survivors past and present, to post comments on TechTest and to keep us posted on their university and career successes.

Photo #1_TestTest2014 Winners05-23-14

Top Three Winners (left to right) Lars Montagnaro, David Bernadett, Patrick Wells

Photo# 2_ TechTest Survivors_05-23-14

All  the Tech Test Survivors With Their T-Shirts.


TechTest Jr Awards


Below are some of the prizes that students competing in the TechTestJr can win. The Top scoring students can chose which high tech kit or processor they would like to have. Not shown are Tickets to Summer Science Camp  and a professional microscope.



Programmable robotic arm kit

WooWee Robot Kit

IPhone and Android Phone controlable robot

raspberry Pi starter kit

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino Starter Kit



The 3rd Annual TechTest Jr., 2014 Math and Science Competition

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TechTest Jr Flyer - 2014


More in formation in this Press Release: TechTest Jr Final Press Release