Russ Steele

The TechTest2012 Survivors Breakfast was held on the 25th of May at Tofinelli’s in Grass Valley.  Students, Parents, Teachers and SESF Board Members gather to celebrate the completion of TechTest2012.  A special guest this year was Joe Fenner who was the top TechTestJr performer, from the Seven Hills Middle School.

Here are some picture of the event starting with the TechTest Junior Survivors, who took the test for practice.

Here are is a picture the Senior Survivors who competed for the top scholarship grants in 2012.

The three top TechTest2012 performers are shown here, who was the top winner will be announced at Award Night in June.

Finally here is Joe Fenner in the blue shirt and his parents Greg and Sue Fenner, Nancy Knaus wife of Board Member Ron Knaus listening to the author tell Nevada County economic war stories.

Update 05-27-12, 20:00)  Board Member George Rebane has posted more photos and additional commentary at Rebane’s Ruminations. (Photos by Jo Ann Rebane)