Mike McDaniels

SESF organized and sponsored a successful inaugural TechTestJr2012 exam for Nevada County 8th graders.  Six Nevada County schools participated in the 1st annual TechTest Jr. fashioned after SESF’s very successful Nevada County high school merit based scholarship exam called TechTest.   93 Nevada County students, primarily 8th graders, took the TechTest Jr. exam.

The 1 hour exam covered a wide range of math and science related questions.

The top score was earned by a student of Robert Sharp’s at 7 Hills School who scored a whopping 97% on the exam.  4 of the top 5 scores were earned by 7 Hills students.  Magnolia Intermediate School also had a very strong showing with one of the 4 runner-ups coming from Magnolia.  The 4 runner-ups each scored 93% on the exam.

The top scoring student from each of the 6 school’s will be recognized for their achievement.  Grass Valley Charter School’s (top score of 90%), Mt. St. Mary’s Academy (top score of 87%), Clear Creek (top score of 83%) and Union Hill (top score of 76%) students also participated in the very difficult merit based exam.

The exam was proctored the week of April 16th in Nevada County.  SESF expects to add additional Nevada County schools to next years list of participants.  If your school is interested please email mcdanielwealthman at sbcglobal.net.

The goal of the TechTest series is to encourage continued education (and future vocation) in the technical fields of math and science.

Results of the TechTest Jr 2012 are posted HERE.

Additional information on the TechTest2012 and TechTestJr can be found at Rebane’s Ruminations.