Russ Steele

George Rebane writing at Ruminations has a summary of events and some photos of the standing room only crowd.  I will post more pictures on this blog when they are available.

I want to thank Laura van den Berg for her leadership and incredible energy and her husband Luuk for his support. Other volunteers included Mitch Valentine and Jo Ann Rebane who helped with welcoming and crowd control and of course George Foster for guarding the money.

It was a great community team effort. Thank you everyone!

Update (02-25-12)  Some comments from e-mails and comments on other blogs:

From an email:

“Although Rick was an amazing speaker, he wasn’t my favorite part of the day.
It was when three students came up after his presentation and asked for his
autograph and a picture with him. This event changed these kids’ lives!!
They will reach higher and do better because of the efforts you have put
into our students.”

From a blog post:

Just got back from the event. Best technical presentation I’ve ever attended in Nevada County.

Here is picture of Laura van en Berg the Program Manager with the SESF Table in the back ground: