Russ Steele

Our first speaker will be Rick Hutley, Cisco’s Vice-President of the Global Innovations Practice and one of Cisco’s top technology visionaries.  He will explores technologies that are solving human needs today and technology trends that will change the world, such as 3-D printing and “smart dust” that will connect everything to the internet.

During his presentation, Rick Hutley will explore answers to questions regarding technology advances, such as what will happen and what are the implications of technology in our personal and professional lives? What are the innovation opportunities and why do they matter to Nevada County?

The first TechForum2012 will be held Friday February 24th, 2012 11:30am – 2:00pm Holiday Inn Express, Grass Valley. The cost is $25.00. Click on the TechForm Navigation Button above for more information and register for the first SESF TechFourm2012.

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Sierra Economics and Science Foundation (SESF) sponsors TechTest, the annual merit scholarship exam for Nevada County’s technology bound high school juniors and seniors, now in its 6th year.  All TechForum contributions are directly invested in the growth of our children’s academic potential via TechTest.  Your participation and donations to TechTest are greatly appreciated.