Sierra Economics and Science Foundation will hold it first TechForum on the 24th of February 2012 at the Holiday Express / Gold Miners Inn. The details are in this flier: Rick Hutley TechForum Flier

Our speaker will be Rick Hutley, Cisco’s Vice-President of the Global Innovations Practice and one of Cisco’s top technology visionaries. He will explore the technologies that are solving human needs today and technology trends that will change the world, such as 3-D printing and “smart dust” that will connect everything to the internet.

Seats are limited! Please contact Laura van den Berg at 530-263-8242
or Russ Steele at 530-273-8085 to become a sponsor and improve
our children’s futures.

Please share this flier with your peers, business associates, friends and family: Rick Hutley TechForum Flier

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